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Cloud applications
Cloud applications

Applications on mobiles, web pages, e-shops, e-learning, etc.

Virtual tour
Virtual tour

Multimedia interactive 360 virtual tour, Panorama, 3D video

Web pages /  E-shops
Web pages / E-shops

Interactive applications of revelation and promotion


Interactive multimedia applications of territorial resources revelation

CAD - Rendering - VR
CAD - Rendering - VR

CAD, Rendering, Animation, Virtual Reality, Spatial simulation

Graphic design, Image, Video
Graphic design, Image, Video

Graphic design solutions, Development & editing of image / video


Numpoint designs and implements digital cloud applications that allow online management of all operations on all digital media (PC, mobile, tablet, etc) and their website conversion.

Applications cover a wide range of digital business needs, very indicatively related to:

● Innovative digital applications for hotels (booking services system, integrated mobile hotel application, 360 virtual tour, etc.)

● Online booking, appointment, scheduling applications

● Online interactive educational multimedia tools, e-learning (presentation, training, evaluation)

● "Business" systems (Hotel booking, Real-Estate, Magazine, Virtual tour, Newsletters, Logins, Web-Stat, Online Payments, compare pricing, etc)

● Systems of "Marketing" (Google Ads-advertising, SEO, Analytics stats, Testimonials, put on Google / Bing, Email marketing, Sale on Facebook, etc)

● Systems of "Design online" (slideshow, Portfolo, Logo maker, Before/after slides, Rollover image effects, Flip books, Image zoom, κλπ)

● Systems of "Multimedia" (multimedia presentation, create-share music, video, κλπ)

● Deliberation, dissemination and management information systems (social media, comments, forum, blogs, chat, access, κλπ)

● Systems for creating a customized communication form



Numpoint offers virtual touring 360 indoors and outdoors with the possibility of parallel use of multimedia (interaction, animation, etc.) with infinite possibilities.

UAV (panoramic helicopter) capability for panoramic shooting and 3D video creation (video 360)

Customizing to specific needs.

Link to web applications (online reservations, mobile, etc.)

Impressive marketing and prestige tools of a business

Especially affordable prices

Indicative features of the example: Full Screen, Central Browsing Control, Main Menu of Internet Service Connections, Access to Interactive Maps, Speed Control, Online Indication of Orientation, Selecting Spaces, etc.

Virtual Tour 360


Virtual tour  360 in Hotel



Design and implementation of interactive websites / e-shops of high aesthetics from numpoint (PC, mobile, tablet, etc). Special design and customization of a website and presentation of a business through smartphone:

Possibility to use interactive multimedia. Particularly affordable prices (possibility of initial construction and gradual payment). CaPossibility to customize multiple digital applications that, among other, relate to systems ::

● Online booking,

● "Business" (Hotel booking, Real-Estate, Newsletters, Logins, Web-Stat, Payments, compare pricing, κλπ.)

● "Marketing" (Google Ads-διαφημιστικά, SEO, Stats, Testimonials, Google / Bing, Email marketing, Fb, κλπ)

● "Design online" (Slideshow, Portfolo, Logo maker, Rollover image effects, Flip books, Image zoom, κλπ)

● "Multimedia" (presentation, create-share music, video, κλπ)

● Deliberation, dissimination & Management information  (social media, comments, forum, blogs, chat, access, κλπ)

● Systems for creating a customized communication form


Websites & E-shops



Creation of multimedia interactive applications & presentations by numpoint (on all digital media)

● Dynamic multimedia presentations in a stand-alone environment (DVD). Websites, Tablet, Mobile, etc. Applications may include, but are not limited to:
● Interactive advertising presentations of products and services
● Autonomous multimedia applications of research programs (eg Transhumance, Lactimed, etc.)
● Presentations of scientific papers and student diploma works
● Creation of educational and pedagogical tools



Multimedia applications / Presentations



​​​CAD, Rendering, Animation Virtual Reality, Spatial simulation

Creating digital design and spatial simulations of architectural space and landscapes, animation and interactive real-time navigation in a virtual reality environment. Conception and design by numpoint:

● Creating digital cities
● Architectural, Urban / Landscape Scale
● Acoustic architectural simulation
● Development of Visual LISP programming in CAD environment (AutoCAD),
● Rendering
● CAD - GIS - Multimedia
● Interactive real-time navigation


CAD - Rendering - Virtual Reality


Photography, Graphic solutions, Image / Video Creation & Editing 


Possibility of conception & design of integrate graphical solutions, relate, among others, to:


● Educational graphic presentation of the strategy and the main axes of a business or project
● Artistic photography and event presentation
● Web design strategy
● Graphic solutions of high aesthetics (conception & design of forms, cards, etc),
● Editing photo and video
● Professional photo retouching of faces



Graphic solutions, Image, Video


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