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Dr Stelios Kouzeleas  -   Architect Engineer, Professor at the University of Thessaly, Greece

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Numpoint (Num.) aims to offer services and digital applications products of high quality and innovation. The creator of Num. Dr Stelios Kouzeles is an Architectural Engineer graduate of the Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He holds two postgraduate diplomas in the field of digital spatial design development, computer and artificial intelligence applications in Architecture School of Nancy France and in the field of digital design and spatial simulation in Architecture School of Bordeaux, France. He is a Doctor of the University of Bordeaux 1 in the field of development and implementation of digital design, spatial simulation, multimedia and computer systems with mention (“very honorable” ).

He has attended 8 annual seminars on applications of IT, Innovation, Art, Culture, Design, Simulation and Sales-promotion. He has taught (20 years) as a University Professor at undergraduate and postgraduate level at 8 Universities in Greece and France (France: Ecole d'architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux France, Ecole d'architecture de Paris Val de Seine Paris, France, Université de Bordeaux I France, Université de Paris VI France, Université de Blaise Pascal de Clermont Ferrand, Greece: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Thessaly, Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly of Thessaly). The teaching is related to IT development of applications, digital interactivity, methodological

development of digital design / spatial simulation systems and models, research and innovation. He has many years of research experience in the relevant issues as his research and scientific work has been published in 33 international scientific journals, conferences, dissertations, scientific reports with many scientific citations.


He has participated in 7 European research projects in France and Greece (Louvre modeling & illumination, Bordeaux halls phase 1-2-3, Novagrimed, Lactimed, Transhumance, Horizon). He is a scientific reviewer in two international scientific journals (Elsevier Editions) and has been a research and scientific associate in 3 European research centers (CRAI-France, Grecau-France, Rural Space Laboratory- University of Thessaly-Greece). He has participated in the development, management and implementation of National and European programs (Professional Training Center – KEK). He has worked as an engineer and consultant in design and simulation applications, technological needs analysis in design offices (Niveau 3, Marc Benayoun, N. Kaltsas, Freelancer). He has worked as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager in Information Systems Companies (SAP, Syntony, Cadra) (Paris) to implement, coordinate and manage many European projects (Turbomeca, Calcia, Haironville, Metro, Eurovia, Sofedit, Tfe, Sagem, Colgate, etc.) in Europe (France, Belgium, Greece) (1998-2004) in Pedagogical engineering, Analysis and synthesis of professional procedures, Needs Analysis, Information management, Innovation management and Technology strategy, Business development, marketing, Services promotion, etc.


He has been a Business Development Director at Human Innovation Technologies S.A. (Innovation Award from the EU), participating in the development and innovation strategy design, while at the same time he was responsible for the planning, sales strategy and promotion of technology and innovation products and services (international presentations, interviews, organization of international exhibitions, B2B with CEO of multinationals, etc.). He has collaborated as Business Development Manager with a startup company developing & promoting innovative technology products and services. He has actively participated as Expert Consultant (innovatia systems company) in the RIS3 (european program funds) Working Group on the Creative and Cultural Tourism of the Regional Innovation Council of Thessaly (2014), while actively participating in the writing of the Action Plan for the Smart Specialization (RIS3) in the Cultural-Tourist Sector for the Regional Council of Thessaly, Greece. He is an expert consultant and partner of development companies in European programs (Leader, CLLD, Regional European programs, etc.), in the field of digital revelation of territorial resources. He has participated in European Research Programs (CRAI, GRECAU, Novagrimed, Transumance, Horizon, etc.) as well as the European Research Program Lactimed (2015-16) as a coordinator of promotional activities, communication, strategic planning of sales, marketing and design.

He teaches at the University of Thessaly in the Department of Urban Planning and Regional Development as well as in the Dyntar Masters program as responsible of digital design / simulation and interactive multimedia simulations. He has also been a freelancer for many years in Greece and Europe in the fields of interactive digital design / simulation, applications development, websites, e-commerce, Architecture / Decoration, Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Communication strategy. He is a member of the Engineer Chamber of Greece and other national and international organizations (ELINA - 2004, eCAADe –2005). He speaks Greek, French and English.


Partners: University Lecturers, External Partners, Specialists in Software Development, Digital Representations, Virtual Environment and Interactive Game Machines, Information Technology, Programming development, etc


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